Client Intake

Prior to completing an intake form:
(a) Please read my “about” section & confirm you’re committed to using force free, humane training.
(b) Please check to ensure you’re in my service area which is: Oakland, Emeryville, Piedmont, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito and Alameda. I charge a $25 travel surcharge for Alameda & parts of Oakland to compensate for additional travel time. I serve any location by video.
(c) Do not complete a form if your main concern is separation anxiety or human directed aggression. I am not taking these cases right now. 

You will not be able to save this form so it must be completed in one session. You will receive your completed entries in a confirmation email after submitting the form.

If you prefer, you may download the form and return by email. Thanks!

Client Intake Form




Is your dog spayed or neutered?

On the scale below, please indicate how involved you want to be your dog’s training (Please indicate for each person who may be involved).

Person A
Person B
Person C

What are your top priorities for training? Please indicate by rating the sample options below (or adding your own). Write n/a if you’re not interested in teaching this behavior. Add comments that may help me understand your priorities, or say more about “other behaviors” you’d like to work on with your dog.

Thank you! I typically respond within 48 hours of receiving an intake form. I look forward to speaking.