My work with you starts with an initial consultation. Then, I’ll make a recommendation for a training plan. I typically recommend training packages because it’s generally unrealistic to achieve training goals in just one or two sessions.

Initial Consultation


  • Step 1: Please complete and return my intake form so I can get some basic information about your dog and your needs before an in-person assessment. Based on the initial information you provide, if I feel a different trainer would be better for you, I’ll let you know and no payment will be due.
  • Step 2: We’ll schedule an in-person consultation and assessment, which will be approximately 1.5 hours. Payment of $125 will be due upon booking the session.
  • Step 3: Within 48 hours of the consultation, I’ll recommend an initial training package. You can decide what works for you and we’ll proceed from there.

Training Packages

$85-90 per session

  • $90/hour for 3 or fewer one-hour sessions
  • $85/hour for 4 or more sessions

Training packages are for foundation behaviors, to help your pet be more comfortable with vet and grooming visits, and mental stimulation/inside games. Training sessions will be most effective if we meet at least once per week.

Private Walk or Hike and Train Sessions

$50-$130 per session

  • $130 for 1.5-hour hike and train session (trails)
  • $110 for each 1-hour hike and train session (trails)
  • $85 for each 1-hour walk and train session (neighborhood)
  • $50 for each 30-minute walk and train session (neighborhood)

Hikes will be on east bay regional trails that permit dogs on and off leash. I will pick-up and drop-off the pups from your home. Walks will take place in your neighborhood. Training time inside the home will count towards the walk or trail time spent with your dog. For instance, if you book an hour session and I spend 10 minutes at home training, we’ll spend approximately 50 minutes on the walk or hike. There is a minimum of four sessions which must take place at least once a week.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

  • I accept cash, personal check, PayPal, and Zelle.
  • Payment is due for initial consultations upon booking the session.
  • Payment for packages is due upon booking the package. 
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify me as soon as possible. Full payment is due on sessions that are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to our scheduled session.
  • If you need to work out other payment arranges, please ask.

Neighborhood Discounts

I provide neighborhood-based discounts. If I’m able to cut down on my travel time, I’ll pass the savings along to you! If you’re within a 2-mile radius of me (e.g. north Oakland, downtown and uptown Oakland, Rockridge, Temescal, South Berkeley and Piedmont), you’ll receive a $5 discount per session. There are no discounts for clients who are more than 2 miles away, but I serve clients in the East Bay, within approximately a 10-mile radius of north Oakland.

My Pledge

What I will do: After an initial conversation or assessment, if I believe there’s a trainer who’s a better fit for your needs (or your dog needs to see a vet rather than a trainer), I will refer you to that person so you can get the best help possible for your circumstances. I will refer you to other trainers that I’ve worked with personally or other experienced trainers.

What I won’t do: I will not guarantee that your dog will change their behavior in the way that you would like. Dogs are living beings and many factors may contribute to their behavior, including medical issues, genetics, traumatic experiences with other dogs or people, and their current environment. That being said, many training challenges can be resolved with the positive reinforcement training and management approaches I use!