What Clients Say

Anna is truly a gifted trainer! She worked with our whole family helping us navigate raising our new puppy, Milo. For every issue we encountered (from nipping to jumping on us), Anna was right there with solutions and strategies for everything we needed support on. She was invaluable in helping our son gain his confidence in handling Milo. We couldn’t have raised a happy, independent, and confident puppy without Anna guiding us along the way. She creates such a special bond with your pup. Anna genuinely loves our Milo and the work she does. 

picture of Goldie, cockapoo puppy laying down

Anna has been a fantastic trainer to our family – she helps train the family and the puppy ! We are first time dog owners, and Goldie, our pandemic puppy, has a naturally shy personality. Anna first helped us “decode” Goldie in various new situations by discussing doggie body language (amazing how helpful this is)! Also, we have practiced recall, loose leash walking, and appropriate greetings. She is patient not only with my husband and me, but has been fantastic in explaining/training our kids to help Goldie. Goldie also adored Anna and had a lot of fun in the various training exercises. Anna is great with follow-up as well, reminding us on the exercises we can/should do in between training sessions. We have seen significant change in how Goldie reacts to cars, people, and other dogs in our time with Anna. 

Lucky returns happily to his mom while practicing recall

Lucky returns happily to his mom while practicing recall

Anna is a great dog trainer. As a first time dog owner, she gave me a great lessons and tips with my dog. Within three sessions my dog’s recall was fantastic.. I am able to call him from 50 yards away and he will sprint right to me. Anna is very accommodating and thoughtful. Loves what she does and will love your puppy.

We love Anna! We adopted a 3 yr old pup last year, and she has a timid and fearful personality in unfamiliar situations and around people and dogs she doesn’t know. We asked Anna to help us brush up on basic training to increase her confidence, start training some more advanced commands, and help us prepare for bringing a new baby into the house! Anna hit the ground running and quickly became one of our dog’s favorite people. She is extremely skilled as a trainer and leaves us each week with a solid rundown of Della’s progress and how we can reinforce all of her training in between sessions. She lets us be as involved as we want to (and are able to) be, which can vary week to week. Anna has also shared a number of awesome supplemental resources with us, and we trust her judgment completely when it comes to any questions we have about Della and what is best for her. We and Della are so happy to have found her!

“Posh is so excited to see Anna when she comes! We’re pretty excited too, because she helps us understand how to fill up Posh’s cup, which in turn fills ours! Good rewards and consistent practice…. totally parallel to parenting! If you or your dog need some training, Anna is great!”

Anna’s positive reinforcement training was exactly what we needed for our new puppy Levi. It was convenient that the training took place in our home and Anna offered flexibility with scheduling of the classes. 

Levi’s behaviors are so much better now and he adores Anna!  Rob and I both learned a lot from Anna about how to interact with Levi to obtain the best results going forward. I would recommend Anna’s training to anyone needing some help to get them started on the right path to raising a better trained dog. 

Anna did a fantastic job teaching us how to get our dog Dashiell to respond reliably to recall.  

When we adopted our nine-year-old lab/pit mix, we found that there’s nothing he loves more than sprinting around on the beach, sniffing everything he can and rolling around in the muck. If we let Dash off the leash, he’d get a very rascally look in his eyes and run away from us. He seemed to get a kick out of watching our futile attempts to catch him.

After several sessions with Anna, we can now confidently let our dog off leash at the beach or on trails. We highly recommend Anna. Dash loves her too, and gets extra wiggly-waggy every time she comes for a training session! 

Anna came well recommended by a family friend who had worked with her with their new puppy. We wanted a trainer that would train us (two grownups and two young kids) on how to work with our new pup to engrain good habits and a solid recall. We did many sessions as a whole family and Anna was great at both engaging the kids and orienting the drills to be something they could participate in. We found Anna to be very knowledgable, professional and understanding throughout the time we worked with her. She worked with us at our pace and within our limits to help set a solid foundation for our sweet dog. We have since recommend her to other new dog parents and would generally recommend her to all looking for a trainer that works well with the owners and truly has the dogs best interests at heart.

June going over cavaletti

My girl June is reactive to other dogs on leash. Anna taught me some great activities to do with June to keep her more focused on me when she’s distracted on walks. We also learned fun games to play inside for mental stimulation. We look forward to our next session with Anna!

Anna started working with our dog when she was only a few months old and in every session, Ellie learned something. We worked on clicker training, which was a first for us but Anna made everything easy to understand and follow. Now Ellie is a year old and still follows the cues Anna taught her as a puppy! We strongly recommend her services and positive reinforcement training!! Also, our dog wanted us to mention how Anna brings the best training treats!